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   Honestly, I do sincerely believe that you can't find a better acting class in Atlanta than at Nick Conti's Professional Actor's Studio. But let's face it: there's only one Nick and there's thousands of want-to-be-actors in the Atlanta Metro area. He can only take on so many students, then they have to go somewhere else. (Yes, I can sympathize because that includes me - I once took a "break" and the class filled up and I couldn't get back in for a loooong time!) AND just maybe Nick isn't the right coach for you. So, where would I suggest you go next? Well...

   Actor's Express has some of the best classes and some of the best teachers in Atlanta. I definitely recommend their Meisner class to all actors. I don't know how you can consider yourself an actor without ever having taken a Meisner class at some time in your career, and the Actor's Express class has the reputation of being the best. Also, you can't consider yourself to be a professional actor without having studied script analysis. Short of moving to Tallahassee, Florida, and taking it from John Degan at FSU (his is some SERIOUS script analysis), the Actor's Express class is the only real script analysis I've found in Atlanta. Everywhere else I've studied seems to believe you alredy know this stuff, or they've somehow overlooked this essential tool, or they just don't care. Alisa Hurt-Lloyd teaches voice at Actor's Express at times, and I keep wishing that time and circumstances could work together for me to take her class again. This isn't a "music" voice class, but a "voice as the actor's instrument" type of class. Not only is it fun, but surprisingly helpful. I can't describe it - you have to experience it yourself. They also have a stage combat class there on occassion that I've always wanted to take. Seems that everytime it's offered, I have neither the time nor the funds!! GRRRR!! Call Actor's Express at 404-875-1606 to get on the mailing list for the class list and to find out what's currently being offered.

   A new acting academy started up a few years ago named YourAct. I've had lots of friends take classes there and highly recommend them. Because I trust their skills and their word, I am recommending them here. Drop over to their website (youract.tv) for more info.

   The Aliance also has the reputation of being one of the best places to study acting in Atlanta. Although, personally, I've taken a few classes there and I just wasn't impressed. Just maybe I happened to have a teacher who wasn't right for me, though. Who knows? So, for the actor looking for a place to study where they won't be ripped off or otherwise taken advantage of, the Alliance is a good bet.

   Another place that I was going to check out and have heard nothing but excellence reports on is The Company. (I had to wait for the next class at the Company to start, but the Professional Actor's Studio had an immediate opening, so that's where I ended up instead.) Lisina Longo teaches the children's classes, and Mike Pniewski teaches the adult classes. 

   Stage Door Players offers a few classes every 4 months or so. Often the teachers there are the tops in Atlanta. You'll find their contact info via the "Theatres" link on the left.

   There are other places I've studied in Atlanta, but quite honestly I can't bring myself to endorse them here. My experience is that they were a waste of my time and money - nor have I heard anyone else say otherwise. So, if there's a class that I've overlooked or omitted and you think it should be included here, by all means email me your recommendation with a brief endorsement/experience. Keep in mind that if you do send me a recommendation, your name will go on the posting on this page. In other words, you've got to be willing to give your name as your "brand of approval" in order for me to post it. After all, this is my reputation being represented here and I have to be careful about who I allow to effect it.

Dance Classes

   I've never taken dance classes in Atlanta. Therefore all the recommendations you find here are from others who've either emailed me or posted recommendations elsewhere (those sources are noted here). 

The following were posted on the AtlantaTheatre email/bulletin board:
Petro (maybe "Pedro") who coreographs and directs at Jomandi (Josie Burgin Lawson)
Gotta Dance in Buckhead (unknown)
Sharon Caplan - also sometimes teaches at Boot Camp (unknown)
Atlanta Ballet 404-873-5811 (unknown)

Voice Classes

Vocal Strength & Technique
   I noted above in the acting classes section that Alisa Hurt-Lloyd teaches at Actor's Express. She also coaches privately. Unfortnunately I don't know her rates nor her contact information (anymore), so you'll have to call Actor's Express for this information: 404-875-1606. 

Vocal Music
   I haven't taken vocal music since I left FSU in 1995, so I'm unfamiliar with any vocal coaches in Atlanta. Please email me your recommendations, so I can get back in shape! tee hee

Modeling Classes

   I'm not a all into modeling and honestly know nothing about the field. If any of you have any suggestions, please pass them on. Keep in mind that anything you recommend will be posted with your name as the source. 

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